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Equipping for

the work of the kingdom 

outside of the   four-walls

Watchman Ministries leaders believe in spreading the love and gospel of Jesus through community involvement and encouragement. We believe the greatest difference is made by changing one person's life for the good, so that they can change another person's live for the better. Our ministry strives to make donations to other charitable organizations; we also provide benevolence to those in need.


 Our servanthood mantra is:

  • Encourage to Enrich 

  • Empower to inspire

  • Enhance to Engage 

  • Educate to Change


As a Non-denominational church, donations and grants are needed to execute our vision to assist local and national communities, but more importantly, funds are needed so that the greater works we are all called to do can be realized.

You can connect and serve:
Supporting local parents and children

Equip through Education

If we equip and empower our children through education, we will inspire a generation who will improve another generation that will influence the next generation. We can influence three generations by encouraging one child - S. Kelley

We understand the importance of education and our future generations. We serve our community by providing parents and children school supplies and shoes. Our ministry host community drives to collect food, clothing, and school supplies. We know being hungry prevents our children from learning, and causes parents to worry. Our ministry contributes to community schools to ensure children don't go hungry.


Empowerment Summits

Our Empowerment Summits are designed to expose and teach on topics such as financial literacy, employment techniques, health and spiritual welfare, home ownership, investing, and other empowerment subjects. The summits are tailored for individuals and families who are in disadvantaged positions and are seeking ways to improve their lives. 

Through education we can change a mindset; a change in mindset can change one's future. We were given the keys to God's kingdom, so it's our commitment it to share it.

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